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Black Gold Home-Based School


Welcome to Black Gold Home-Based School

What can Black Gold Home-Based School do for you?

·        Provide information on flexible programming for any grade at any location

·        Provide course work that gives the student up to a school year to complete (September to June)

·        Provide summer extensions on courses to approved students

·        Provide programs for working students

·        Provide programs that coordinate with your Black Gold school

·        Provide remedial or challenge courses

·        Provide assistance in transitioning between programs

                We offer flexible programming in the form of:

               –       Parent-Directed Traditional Home Education

               –       Teacher-Directed Distance Learning Programs

We are working every day with students and families individually to inspire success”


Parent-Directed Traditional Home Education

Alberta families have the choice to fully educate their children within the environment of the home. This program allows parents to choose curriculum, supervise student studies, choose instructional strategies and evaluate learning. Parents are provided with the choice to follow Alberta Education curriculum or meet the General Learning Outcomes as outlined in the Alberta School Act.

Black Gold Regional schools provide a facilitator who will work with your family to create the best learning conditions for your child. The facilitator fills legal obligations of meeting with families, assisting in the creation of learning plans and providing support as the school year goes on. Black Gold Regional is supportive of parents who choose to be responsible for their child’s learning and we work to respond to the needs expressed by the parent.

Below is the Alberta Education link to the Home Education Handbook. This is an excellent resource to develop understanding of the regulations and requirements of Home Education.

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Teacher-Directed Distance Learning Program

Black Gold Regional understands the importance of providing flexible programming to enhance student success. Through Distance Learning students are provided with the opportunity to work with  teachers from the Alberta Distance Learning Centre. Flexibility is the key component of this program and a student can complete course work at any time of the day, from any location. Students can choose to complete an entire grade through Distance Learning or take one course.  Students who choose a distance program might be involved in high-level athletics, travelling, work or find they work best away from classroom distraction.  We work to create programs that meet the academic needs of our students in whatever environment provides for the optimum physical and emotional environment.

Students have the option of taking regular Alberta Curriculum in English, French Immersion and Christian Studies.

If your child is currently attending a Black Gold Regional School and you are interested in a blended program, please talk with your school administrator about flexible program options for your child.