Black Gold Home-Based School


PD Plan

2021-2022 Staff Planning and Development

PD Goal 1: Technology and Communication

Through collaboration and peer mentoring, we plan to develop and strengthen our ability to use web based tools to connect effectively with staff members, students, parents, and the wider community. Teachers will have opportunities to attend different online symposiums during the school year to enhance their skills. Our primary focus will be on utilizing the Google Suite to enrich instruction, learning, and communication.

PD Goal 2: Curriculum Redesign and Development

We will provide for ongoing, professional, collaborative experiences based on research and reflective practices in the area of Curriculum Redesign in order to develop strategies and educational materials that will enhance student learning, address diverse learning needs, and provide for authentic learning opportunities.

PD Goal 3: Student and Staff Wellness

We plan to enhance the student learning environment by providing supports in key areas of wellness and mental health. Key aspects such as nurturing resiliency, taming anxiety, and sharing best practices will be addressed. Staff are being encouraged to attend seminars and PD opportunities to help reduce the effects of Covid burnout and improve their personal mental wellness skills.

Success Indicators

  • Completion of Google Certified Educator Level 1 and/or 2 by some staff members.
  • Development of a school-wide strategic plan that focuses on best practice and staff/student wellness.
  • Department-wide collaborative goal-setting statements that target the development and production of core / CTS course modules, seminars, and workshops which focus on authentic learning and the diverse learning needs of our students.