Black Gold School Division
Black Gold Home-Based School

Message to Parents from Black Gold Home-Based School

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We miss our interaction with your child and we hope that they are healthy and well.

At this time, staff across the district are in the process of planning for the delivery of programming to our students. This will take some time.

Those of you already registered through Teacher-Directed and Personalized Learning courses with Alberta Distance Learning Centre are in a strong position, as your child has materials in hand to work from a distance.

ADLC is working on a strategy for how to asses students for midterm tests and final exams.

Students on Parent-Directed programming will proceed with the plan that they have already established with Black Gold Home-Based School.

To minimize the opportunity for exposure with large numbers of people interacting, we will not be allowing students into our offices.

In order for the information between schools to be consistent and accurate, our senior administration has asked the Superintendent’s office to take the lead in further messaging.

Please know that we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this new territory and we will forward updates as they become available. 


Joyce MacDonald, MC

Learning Services Coordinator Home-Based School

Black Gold School Division

Unit 102, 5204 50 Ave

Beaumont, AB, T4X 1E3

780-929-5784 & 780-999-9678